Learn Mobile Programming By Example With Codename One

Learn Mobile Programming By Example With Codename One


  • Students need to be reasonably familiar with Java

  • Students will need an IDE, ideally NetBeans but Eclipse or IntelliJ will also work

  • All of the above IDE’s include the Codename one plugin that students should install via the plugin update center


This is a Codename One crash course that uses existing demos: Dr. Sbaitso & PropertyCross to explain the various features of Codename One and in the process teaches you how to build a simple mobile app for iOS, Android etc…

This course is intended for Java developers and fans who are interested in building mobile apps and want to get a general sense of how this can be done. The course is structured as a code review that explains the demo in great details.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is tailored for software developers who have some Java experience
  • Mobile experience isn’t required