Introduction to Financial Markets

Introduction to Financial Markets


  • Although I have prepared this course for my students in the Financial Markets and Investments discipline, there are no special requirements to understand this course. You just need a computer, internet and an average intelligence. Having an entrepreneurial spirit and an analytical mind, helps.


This course is an introduction to the capital market. It is not an academic course aimed only at economics students. But it is a course designed to teach the most distracted how to make money and achieve their financial freedom by starting investing now. The course serves to alert people to this reality, which is common and frequent in more developed countries, but is unknown to most less developed countries. This course teaches all types of investments that people can make, from treasury bonds to the riskiest and most profitable assets. It teaches you how to trade in stocks and stock indices, currency indices, introduction to forex and cryptocurrencies. How to choode a broker for trading as well as types of leverage to use in business.

Who this course is for:

  • My target students are everyone who wants to learn to live with total freedom, to do whatever they want in life, such as traveling and crossing the world