Intro to Lightning Development for Salesforce®

Intro to Lightning Development for Salesforce®

How to develop on the Salesforce® Platform


  • A basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript

  • A basic knowledge of Salesforce


This is an introduction to Salesforce® Lightning development. Lightning development is hard and relatively new, so unlike many other courses on here I will not claim to be able to make you a ‘Lightning Guru’ after one course. This will give you a solid foundational understanding of developing on the Lightning Platform.

The real strength of this course is that it is to the point, allowing you to quickly and efficiently learn how to develop for Salesforce® Lightning by seeing real screencasts. I’ve edited out all unnecessary pauses so that you do not waste any time when learning.

I’ve been working in Lightning for a solid year on projects that have 2000 daily users. This course is free because I saw other similar courses charging way too much for lower quality content. I want to fix that and build the developer community around Lightning in a positive way, while focusing on programming as a craft. This course is a collection of the knowledge I wish I had when I first started developing in Lightning. Let’s write high quality code together!

Who this course is for:

  • Developers and Admins who want to learn more about Lightning
  • Students who like seeing how things are done rather than hearing too much about abstract concepts.
  • Students who like organized lectures that do not go off topic.