Intro to Business Models, Financial Modelling & Valuation

Intro to Business Models, Financial Modelling & Valuation


  • No Prior knowledge is required, only passion to learn is mandatory.


This course brings you the introduction to seemingly complex concepts of business modelling, financial modelling and valuation.

Who Should Join this course.?

Anyone who is interested to get a understanding of the basic & trending business concepts.

This is general introduction for everyone for overall business concepts.

After doing this short course you will be able to talk confidently with anyone on concepts and can decide if you want to take a full course to learn the concepts.

New Videos are being launched every Week into this course.

Who this course is for:

  • Budding Entrepreneurs
  • Beginners to the financial modelling & Valuation who want to get a feeling of what it is.
  • Emerging Finance & Non-Finance Leaders