Install Wordpress Locally & Move Website Online

Install Wordpress Locally & Move Website Online


  • Internet Browser

  • WAMP Software (Server)

  • Wordpress

  • Upto 1 GB Computer RAM

  • Upto 20 GB Hard Drive Space


If you ever heard of installing wordpress on your computer , than that’s true you can install wordpress on your computer some time we call localhost. It can be done using a free software called “WAMP”. It can be downloaded free from the internet. I have also given the link under the installation of wamp server lecture.During the Installation process you will get some technical knowledge of servers and Databases. Installing Wordpress on localhost will take just 5 minutes after downloading the required Softwares.

Purposes of installing Wordpress on Computer

  • Helpful for Wordpress Plugin Developers

  • Helpful for Wordpress Theme Developers

  • Helpful for Beginners

  • Build Basic and Offline Websites

  • Build E-Commerce Websites Offline

What’s More Inside the Course?

  • Overview of Wordpress Dashboard

  • Build Basic Website & Blog

  • How Wordpress Posts Work ?

  • How Wordpress Pages Work ?

Caution: If You are a Wordpress Expert then this course is not for you.

Who this course is for:

  • If you want to learn what is Wordpress how it works , how it is connected to server and databases then this course is for you.
  • If you already know Wordpress very well then you should not buy this course.