If You can cook You can Code Artificial Intelligence Course Volume 1 to 5 Free Download

If You can cook You can Code Artificial Intelligence Course Volume 1,2,3,4,5 Course Free Download

Approach of Artificial Intelligence (AI ) :-

If You can cook You can Code Artificial Intelligence Course Volume 1,2,3,4,5 ; The first point we have here is acting rationally which is also known as the rational as an approach so first of all we need to know what is rational and what is isn’t well rational means behaving rightly and capable of reasoning whereas acent is just something that acts but the computer hasn’t we are talking here are expected to have more attribute than just a program other attributes can be perceiving their environment adapting to change being able to reach the goal and we just need to know rational isn’t is the one that acts to achieve the best outcome but if there is any uncertainty then the best expected output is achieved and our machine should also be rightly and keep the optimal solution so now let’s see the conclusion of the rational as an approach so our AI machine or computer to act rationally should behave in the right manner and give us the maximum performance with optimal solution so in normal second we have thinking rationally it is also called loss of thought approach your thinking rationally basically means right thinking that is undeniable or irrefutable reasoning process let me give you a quick example so that it will be there for you guys let’s say team is a man all men are mortal therefore we can say that team is also immortal these are the laws and these were supposed to govern the operations in mind so this laws of thought are led to the new field which is also called logic so what we do here in thinking rationally is we use this logic and different set of rules to achieve right thinking but to make our machine think rationally there are two major obstacles so first one is it should have 100% knowledge hence more rules should be defined so 2 any computations should be done hence it is more complex so that’s our of cycle one so another obstacle is that it is very harder to solve the problem in real life than in the theory that was our two obstacle to make our machine think rationally so now let’s see the confusion of thinking rationally so we can conclude that for machine to think rationally it should think in the right way that is right thinking and you should also have different logics and set up rules to reach the goal but we have to measure obstacles which is being complex and harder to do practical then in theory so moving into the third point we have acting humanly which is also called Turing test approach here what it means is our machine should act like a human so when do we know our listen acts like a human well that’s what he comes in doing this so let’s see it so Turing test was proposed by English mathematician called Alan Turing in 1950 instead of giving long complex and controversial definition of AI what he basically said was if animation passes the Turing test then you till have intelligence so let me explain what doing test really said so here we have a human interrogator human and missile integrator cannot see human and machine since they are divided now interrogator gives some quizzes to both human and machine and gets the response from both remember all the questions and answers will be in the written format now if the interrogator cannot tell whether the written response came from the parcel or a machine then we can say that the machine passed the Turing test so the machine or computer need to possess four capabilities to pass the Turing test so let’s see it so first capability is natural language processing it basically means our machine should be able to communicate successfully in English so the second capability is knowledge representation it means our machines who disturb what it knows or hears in no matter we have machine learning it means our machines should add up to the new circumstances and to detect and extrapolate the patterns so lastly we have automated reasoning it basically means our machine needs to use the stored information to answer to the question and draw the new conclusion so that basically concludes acting humanely which is also called the Turing test approach so here we need to explain what is - in tests and these four capabilities to pass the Turing test so now we move to the fourth point which is thinking Emily it is also called cognitive modeling approach here our machine should be able to think like a human brain and cognitive modeling approach in both cognitive science way so what is cognitive science well cognitive science is the study of human thought process and how does human brains actually work how human brain takes the information from surrounding as input distorts it and process it then gives the output according to the situation that’s what we study in cognitive science but in AI we try to copy that thought process we studied in cognitive science to the machine but are we successful can our misson think like human well the answer is still no since we are not able to figure out how our brain actually works because it’s too complicated so there is huge capital human brain and implementing it into the computer system.

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