I Will Teach You to Be A World-Class Business Coach

I Will Teach You to Be A World-Class Business Coach


  • They have to be grown up, and ready to accept challenges and new ideas and give the real thought and consideration. Other than that just bring an open heart and mind… Stan


After many years of learning how and performing as a performance coach to business leaders and entrepreneurs I have decided to share the things i have learned and know with you so that you can continue to enjoy what I have long enjoyed… Seeing people who are struggling to make it, do what it takes to survive, thrive, and flourish.

This one session course would cost you hundreds of dollars in coaching instruction, and when you take the whole series of 12 courses yet to come, i will teach you what cost me thousands of dollars, thousands of hours of work , plus blood, sweat, and tears to learn and achieve so that you can join the ranks of those who do what matters … You coach! Let’s do it now,

August 2016

Stan Hustad

Who this course is for:

  • Adults and grown-ups who are really interested in doing the hard work and not just watching videos to change their whole outlook on life and business and how to hel and guid others to influence, impact and greater income.