How To Build A Social Media Channel Using P.A.C.T

How To Build A Social Media Channel Using P.A.C.T


  • You should have access to a computer or mobile device on a daily basis

  • You should have a story or an idea you want to share with the world.


Many people dream of creating a YouTube channel, an Instagram account or a blog that becomes one of the world’s most popular places in it’s field. Yet, most people fail to achieve it. The reason is quite often nothing to do with skill or knowhow. The majority of cases fail because they do not have P.A.C.T.

What is P.A.C.T?

P.A.C.T is an acronym for Patience, Action, Consistency and Time. And if you want to be successful at creating a social media account—or anything else—you are going to need all four of these things. You are not going to become the next Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) on Instagram or the next Seth Godin in the blogging world overnight. It takes time, it takes patience, you need to take a lot of action and you have to be consistent.

In this course, I show you how you can apply these three behaviours and one element to build your own, successful social media channel. Each word has its own section, and each section has a scenario study that shows you how each one applied can really help to create a great channel.

I am not promising you will get millions of followers—that depends on your story and your content—what I am showing you is what you need to have to be able to achieve such a result.

I hope you enjoy this course, and I hope more than anything else that you will become a huge star in the world of social media.

Good luck.

Who this course is for:

  • Someone who has a story to tell or an idea to share with the world.