How to Be Productive Working From Home

How to Be Productive Working From Home


  • Take this course when you are transitioning to a home office


It is March 2020 and that means one thing: self-isolation.

Suddenly you find yourself working from home every day.

That can’t be too hard, right? It’s basically like being at the office just without the commute and wearing slippers… right…?

Not quite.

Working from home means a new set of expectations, a new schedule, new tools, and - most importantly - treating your home as a work-space rather than a living-space.

This short and to-the-point course will teach you:

  • How to get out of a “home” mentality and into a “work” mentality
  • How to set up a workspace that allows you to focus
  • How to manage your day - and breaks - to stay productive

Take the course to prepare your desk, your tools, your brain, and your procrastination plan and make this an opportunity to improve your work practices.

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“One of the most practical and anticipated course given the current situations”

“Clear practical directions: Esp. about how your brain can trick but how you can tweak your environment & planning to prevent time waste & have more energy. Making good practical use of mini breaks!”

Who this course is for:

  • Employees moving from an office location to remote working