Guerrilla Hiring - Don't Hire Monkeys to Run your Company

Guerrilla Hiring - Don’t Hire Monkeys to Run your Company


  • You should value your time. Put a price to your time before starting this course.

  • Have a plan to hire new employees

  • Should have the resources to look for potential candidates


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Have you always struggled to hire employees? Do you always end up with dumb employees no matter how hard you try? The problem is your hiring process. Your hiring process isn’t enough. Learn theGuerilla Hiring’ process from me.

In this course, I will walk you through the exact steps and process I used to hire employees for my companies. It’s the most productive way of hiring employees. I have specially designed the interview rounds to get rid of dumb people or as I like to call them, ‘monkeys’.

This course is an actionable approach to hiring the best employee:

:heavy_check_mark: Complete Hiring Blueprint

:heavy_check_mark: The mistakes in your hiring process

:heavy_check_mark: Use Advanced Hiring Techniques

:heavy_check_mark: The 3 Interview rounds in Guerilla Hiring

:heavy_check_mark: My personal recommendations and tips

:heavy_check_mark: Proven techniques and results

:heavy_check_mark: Learn to Automate the process

:heavy_check_mark: One-on-one counseling

:heavy_check_mark: Very easy to understand and implement

:heavy_check_mark: The rise of temporary jobs

:heavy_check_mark: Takes less than 2 hours to set up your interview system

How is this course structured?

I have taken a whole new approach to making this course more interactive. You will find Video Lectures, Audio Lectures, Visual Workbooks, Quizzes to Weekly Q&A sessions.

There is also a Final Test. Anybody who scores 95%+ is going to win some SURPRISE GIFTS along the way.

It’s really exciting once you get started with this course. I am waiting to see you on the inside…

Who this course is for:

  • Any business owner who runs an online business
  • Any professional who needs an extra pair of hands
  • HR managers to conduct better interviews in their organizations