Google Apps Script Project Sheet UI custom Functions

Google Apps Script Project Sheet UI custom Functions


  • Prior Coding Experience

  • JavaScript Coding understanding

  • Google Account


Explore how you can create a custom Google Sheet option within your Google Sheets UI menu.

PopUp alert connects to Google Apps Script to run custom spreadsheet code o find and select cells that match the value.

Explore Google Apps Script and how it can be used to run code using data from your Spreadsheet

Discover the amazing things you can do with Google Apps Script

Course covers some of the commonly asked for functionality using Google Apps Script and Google Spreadsheets

Do more with your Spreadsheets adding a custom UI menu with advanced options

  • Search - uses UI prompt to ask the user for a search term, searches all the sheets within the spreadsheet and highlights the cells with matching content.
  • Email - Lets the user email themselves the selected content from the spreadsheet, construct an html table some selected active spreadsheet data. Send the email.
  • Copy -Copy selected content to a new sheet, takes the selected data create a new sheet and builds the content from the selection.

JavaScript and prior coding experience is REQUIRED DO NOT TAKE THIS COURSE WITHOUT JavaScript Experience

Source code is included - Best way to learn is to try the code and create your own version of this project

Taught by an instructor with over 20 years of web development experience ready to help you learn

Google Developer Expert - Laurence Svekis walks you through how to do some amazing functionality to save time and get the most out of Google Apps Script G Suite content

Fast friendly support is always available in the Q&A section

What are you waiting for - this could change everything - at least change the way you use Google Apps and G Suite Google Sheets

Who this course is for:

  • Google Apps Script Coders
  • Anyone who wants to do more with Google Apps Script and G Suite Apps
  • JavaScript Developers - Applications developers and web coders