Global Security Consulting University Seminars

Global Security Consulting University Seminars


  • Should have a strong background in security


Had a stellar public sector career in security and want to turn that into your own consultancy? Tried entering the private sector, only to find that getting work for consulting projects you’re eminently qualified to do was harder than you thought?

Want to travel the globe, being paid by sheikhs and emirs to do business in Dubai?

95% of individual consultants never even gross one-million dollars in annual sales per year. This video lecture series will introduce you to security consulting from the experts that knows what it takes to close million-dollar international consulting deals.

Try the Global Security Consulting Course. I’m Luke Bencie, Managing Director of the global firm Security Management International. I can walk you through the steps I took to run my own business in security. In this course you’ll learn: easy ways to increase your consulting fees, how to guarantee income by carving out a specific subniche within your field of expertise, how to start becoming a thought leader in the security industry, and more.

Who this course is for:

  • Security experts looking to start their own business