Getting Started with TypeScript // A Javascript Compiler

Getting Started with TypeScript // A Javascript Compiler

Learn the Technology behind the Microsoft-created Javascript Compiler


  • Javascript Knowledge a Plus

  • HTML / CSS Knowledge a Plus


Coding pure JavaScript is a challenge. It’s a BIG challenge. Especially for those of us who want to write effective and effecient code without all of the extra typing.

Enter TypeScript.

TypeScript is a JavaScript compiler. I’d argue it’s essentially shorthand/shortcuts for writing pure JavaScript code. It’s incredible how useful it can be.

TypeScript is modern, slick, and super easy to setup and use. It’s also the basis for frameworks like Angular and Ionic both of which are absolute essentials in your web and mobile developer arsenal .

This course is designed to get you ready for our other course Try Angular. We want to ensure you learn and understand how to write Typescript so you can build awesome projects using Angular.

We hope you enjoy!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone looking to learn the fundamentals of TypeScript
  • Anyone interested in learning Angular
  • Anyone interested in learning Ionic Framework