Getting Googly with Google Apps For Education

Getting Googly with Google Apps For Education


  • General interest in using Google Apps as a replacement for the traditional office suite

  • Previous office suite experience is ideal

  • An active Gmail account

  • An understanding of cloud computing


Do you have a Gmail account?
Did you know that hidden behind your email tools is a powerful office suite that you can use to maximize your productivity?

Did you also know that for schools there are EXTENDED features?

If not, it’s time to get Googly!

This FREE survey course provides an overview of the Google Apps tools including the Google Classroom features. Google Apps in Education is a free resource for schools looking to expand their use of technology in the classroom. With many 1:1 computing initiatives, costs can be reduced by using Chromebooks in conduction with Google Apps.

Google Docs
Chrome and Drive Apps & Extensions
GMail Tips and Tricks
Google Classroom *****

At the end of the course, participants will know how to create, organize and share assignments, documents, presentations, spreadsheets, forms, and drawings in Google Drive.

Course Requirements:
Gmail Account
Computer with Google Chrome installed

*Google Classroom is ONLY available to school systems using Google Apps in Education

Who this course is for:

  • Google Apps in Education teachers and students
  • Anyone interested in learning the features of Google Apps in one convenient location.