Get Promoted NOW! Getting ahead for new managers

Get Promoted NOW! Getting ahead for new managers



  • Be willing to take a risk in your job!

  • Be willing to stand out and promote yourself to gain the recognition you deserve (hard work alone is not enough!)

  • Have an open mind!


Course Overview - How to Become a Valuable High-Performance Manager Whose Actions and Opinions Matter to Your Company

Are you a new manager? Congratulations - you’ve gotten here, but can you stay here? And can you move up?

In this course you’ll learn how anyone can become a top manager who is respected, effective and marked out by senior management as on the way up. You’ll learn the core principles of effective team management and the mindsets required to rapidly become a rising star in your company, and how to leapfrog everyone around you while being known as a team player who isn’t afraid to speak your mind or intelligently promote yourself in a way you deserve.

Basically, this course will teach you how to maximize the long-term career potential of your new role as a leader and manager in just 2 hours, ultimately ensuring your rapid rise in your company.

The Mindsets and Strategies I’ll be teaching you in this course

I’ll be teaching you a specific set of management strategies and performance mindsets from my time in the trenches as a Regional Manager at Thomson Reuters which will be useful for any new or first-time managers, including:

  • Why conflict is not always a bad thing (and can be healthy) - and why you absolutely must get comfortable with (respectful) conflict if you want to succeed in the long-term

  • Why only have one default mode of being (for many people it’s being “nice”) can be to your detriment

  • Why doing competent (and even outstanding) work is not enough! Strategies for becoming widely known and influential in your company. It’s not only about how good your work is!

  • Your new reality as a manager vs your old reality as an individual contributor

  • How to manage your direct and indirect reports in your office and around the world - and the differences in each of these situations

  • How to lead team meetings and how your style and substance impacts your credibility in front of your team and organisation

Learn from first-hand experience

Isn’t management something you learn by experience? Yes - you could, but research shows that more than half of new managers fail to live up to the expectations of those who promoted them to this new role. Rather than stumbling into the best practices (and making needless mistakes along the way), shortcut your success in a safe, easy way by learning from my successes and failures instead.

How I’ll be teaching this course

Students will be learning via video lectures in this course. This course is 2 hours in length in total, and is structured around several core sections covering both strategic mindsets and tactical techniques for specific situations.

Who this course is for:

  • New managers who have been recently promoted to a management position
  • Ambitious people who want to learn the mindsets of successful managers in anticipation of becoming a manager
  • Those who want to maximize the new opportunities that come with becoming