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Complete WordPress Course Free Download

Introduction :-

hello and welcome to the wordpress Course in this Tutorials i will give you a Complete WordPress Course what is WordPress if you have been looking into building your own website there no doubt you’ve heard about WordPress.

What is WordPress :-

WordPress is a free and open source blogging platform as well as a content management system written in PHP and my sequel when WordPress was first released in 2003 it was just a simple and straightforward blogging platform over the years WordPress has evolved into a full-fledged content management system or CMS for short powering blogs business websites portfolios ecommerce websites magazines just to name a few nowadays WordPress powers more than 60 million websites

Description :-

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform on the web so if you’re wanting to build a web presence whether it’s a blog an online store or a website for your business WordPress is a very solid choice the true power of WordPress comes from its extensibility there are plenty of templates and plugins you can use to customize your website to exactly how you want it let’s have a look at some websites powered by WordPress time is an American weekly news website in its styled like an online magazine in style is a fashion news website also set up in a magazine style Sony Music’s official website is powered by WordPress as well in this case it’s built more like a traditional page based website and if you’re a basketball fan you will surely know the Mavericks their website is also powered by WordPress as you can see these websites all look very different but they are all powered by WordPress this shows you how customizable in how powerful WordPress truly is so to sum up WordPress is a powerful web publishing platform that puts you in control you can virtually build anything in online store a portfolio business websites the possibilities are endless now that you know a little bit more about WordPress let’s talk about the differences between wordpress.org and wordpress.com

Types of WordPress :-

If you Have Searched in google the WordPress you would have seen the top two results wordpress.com and wordpress.org so WordPress is 2 types so lets get know in deeply what are the difference between them.

Difference Between wordpress.com & wordpress.org :-

what is the difference simply put wordpress.com is hosted for you in wordpress.org is self hosted what that means is if you sign up at wordpress.com they host your blog for you meaning you don’t need to tinker with anything so if you are less technical savvy you can still have your blog and not have to worry about any of the technical stuff however there are downsides to getting your blog hosted at wordpress.com if you’re planning to use the free service at wordpress.com your URL will end with wordpress.com so if I wanted my domain to be say I love cars instead of the usual I love cars com it will be I love cars dot wordpress.com if you’re wanting to start your own blog about your hobbies then sure no problem but if you are wanting a website for your business having wordpress.com at the end does not look professional at all if you want to have a custom domain without the wordpress.com extension you will have to pay you cannot upload themes to wordpress.com you can only use themes that are provided to you on wordpress.com some are free but if you want premium themes you will have to pay a one-off fee even if you do use one of these themes you cannot customize it if you want to customize CSS for the theme you will need to pay as well now that’s not to say that there is a lack of themes on wordpress.com in fact they have over 200 themes to choose from however if you are looking for a theme that is not included in their themes pack or if you want a custom theme built just for you you are out of luck the ability to extend its functionalities using plugins is a huge part of the reason why WordPress is so popular and powerful if you want to run an e-commerce site there are plugins for that if you want to run a membership-based website there are plugins for that however on wordpress.com you are not allowed to upload plugins therefore severely limiting the potential of your blog slash website popular way to make some income is by starting a blog and run advertising programs or Adsense on it this is not possible if you’re on wordpress.com as it violates their Terms of Service wordpress.com does have their own advertising program called weird ads for bloggers with moderate to high traffic however you do need to apply for it and there are criterias you have to meet if the sole purpose of your site is to generate some side income then wordpress.com is not for you perhaps your wanting to take it easy maybe start a blog do some writing if you have a big enough audience base you’ll start selling some merchandise build a community by adding forums etc this is not possible on wordpress.com due to the limitations on themes and plugins if you’re planning on to expand your site in the future wordpress.com is not for you so to sum everything up it’s very important to figure out what you want to do if you just want to start a blog to share photos or articles with your family and friends but do not want to worry about the technical stuff and then wordpress.com is a good choice if you want to do more with your blog for example start a community sell merchandise customize your theme completely then WordPress org is a more suitable option now that you know the differences between wordpress.com and wordpress.org.