★ FROM START TO SUCCESS: The Business of You ★

★ FROM START TO SUCCESS: The Business of You ★


  • That you are wanting to start a business or are in the early stages and need more help


★ Do have a passion that you are ready to share with the world?

★ Do you want to grow you business from the ground up but have no idea where to start?

★ Or… have you already started a business and feel like you are doing too much of everything and instead of moving forward you are stuck treading water?

If YES was your answer to any of the above question then this course is for you!

After running 3 successful businesses (Ladies Up, Foreva Events & The Bride Code) for the past 7 years , I’m here to unleash the biggest secret to business that no one ever tells you!!

ARE YOU READY, this is it… Your business is a reflection of you and the only way you can truly have success is when you tap into your full potential and I’m here to show you how.

In this course we will discover who you really are and how to use that to grow your business. That’s right use your true gifts and talents to grow your empire because business wasn’t always meant to be an uphill battle, that’s just what it looks like and let’s face it how has that served you so far?

So let’s get working on building your empire the FUN way! The true way you were meant to!! :slight_smile:

See you in there!

:heart:︎ Eva Kaszycki

Who this course is for:

  • Creatives that are excited to start a business or are still in the early stages and need a boost