Freelance Ninja: The secrets of successful start

Freelance Ninja: The secrets of successful start


  • You need to know that office work is not for your

  • You need to have a strong desire to change your life for better

  • You need to be eager to work wherever you want, whenever you want, whatever you want


Learn how to start freelancing rocket fast and with no stress!

This step by step coaching program consists of:

  • 21 lectures
  • Verified proposal template
  • List of great profile examples
  • Our 2 personal portfolio examples
  • Work sheet for motivation and inspiration
  • Bonus lecture “Write to sell”
  • Special offer! If you finish the course within 5 weeks after registration, I personally will make a review of YOUR freelance profile and give detailed recommendations on how to improve it.
  • And that’s not all)) If you implement my reccomendations within 5 days you’ll get a cover letter review! You’ll get my insights on YOUR own cover letters to make them 100% winning!

After finishing the course you will:

  • Get rid of a fear to fail at the beginning
  • Gain confidence that you can do it
  • Get first contract withing first few weeks
  • Stop doing monkey job for a low price
  • Be able to increase your rate so that you can allow yourself work less
  • Start choosing the most interesting projects

They thought I was doing some shitty job… and then I started earning big money

Personal guidance and help

I know that getting started is probably the most difficult part of freelancing . It can become really frustrating if you do not have friends who have similar experience and can help you cut through the clutter. To le ad you through these first steps I offer you a profile and cover letter review. Nobody usually does it! I do it because I give a shit about YOU and YOUR results!

***** The course is fully updated on June 2017 *****

Who this course is for:

  • Freelance beginners will learn how to start easily their career
  • Experienced freelancers will learn new tricks how to work less and earn more
  • This course will suit freelancers of all professions