First pitch checklist to present your startup idea

First pitch checklist to present your startup idea


  • Have a business idea that you want to pitch on a startup pitching competition


How can people find out about your wonderful business idea? By hearing your short presentation - a pitch. The purpose of a good pitch is to help people understand what your idea is all about and raise interest to learn more about your idea.

If it´s your first time to pitch a business idea, then this course can help you clarify:

  • What are the important questions I need to think through for my pitch?
  • How to communicate so that people would understand?
  • What is my main message of the pitch?
  • What to consider when preparing slides?
  • How to properly use the microphone and clicker?
  • How to rehearse and become better prepared for presenting your idea?

This course is intended for early-stage business ideas. Mostly for participants of student business idea competitions. The lessons of this course can also be applied to teams who want to pitch their idea on corporate hackathons.

Who this course is for:

  • University students who want to prepare for their first time of presenting a business idea on stage in front of larger audience.