Finding Actionable Insights using Keras Autoencoders

Finding Actionable Insights using Keras Autoencoders


  • You should know a little Python, how to install Python libraries, and how to use Jupyter notebook


Please join me for another exciting data science class where we apply autoencoders or unsupervised learning towards the pursuit of knowledge.

Remember at the end of the day modeling and data science don’t mean much if we can’t extract actual insights to help guide our customers, our friends, the research community in the advancement of whatever it is they are after using data. Autoencoders can help you better understand your data, answer your questions, and even discover new ones! Please join me on this exciting adventure!

Who this course is for:

  • Anybody wanting to analyze data
  • Anybody wanting to perform anomaly detection
  • Anybody interested in Autoencoders and machine learning with Keras