Essentials of PDPB


  • You will not need any any prior knowledge - so get started now!

  • You should be willing to learn

  • You should be committed to run through the course and become knowledgeable about PDPB


· One hour of lectures that actually explain what the PDPB is and what it means

· Focuses on practical PDPB knowledge and how it applies to organisations

· English subtitles (hand written, not automatically generated)

This training course gives you a brief introduction to the PDPB in just one hour of lectures. We cover the main elements of the PDPB that organisations must be aware of and explore some examples to make things clear.

We’ve worked hard to make this a great value course , with supporting materials (such as infographics), complete subtitles in English and quizzes at appropriate points.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone willing to learn about PDPB
  • Students who need a general introduction to the PDPB
  • People who handle data as part of their work
  • Anyone wishing to keep updated on Data Security requirements
  • Anyone who wishes to fully understand Data Security Compliance