Entrepreneurs: It is more than just a pitch deck

Entrepreneurs: It is more than just a pitch deck


  • Student would benefit most by being a startup founder or an aspiring one


Agile Pitching is a term brought to you by the INVESTyR DealTeam that identifies a style of pitching that is 180 degrees different from traditional styles entrepreneurs have been taught. We’re hoping this course will shed light on the change in dialogue amongst entrepreneurs and so-called “pitch doctors”. The conversation has changed between investors and entrepreneurs these days and now it’s all about having a dialogue. Forget the notion of the ‘elevator pitch’ that is a jumble of quick talking jargon with an out-of-breath speaking ‘Ask’ . We’ve taught our entrepreneurs to be beggars, they shouldn’t be going around shaking a tin cup for investors money! In this course, the INVESTyR DealTeam breaks it down with screencasts, interviews and presentation slides to show you the best way to open a dialogue with an investor and pitch your business.

Who this course is for:

  • Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners