Electrical Designing Basics (MEP)

Electrical Designing Basics (MEP)


  • Basis Knowledge of Electrical


The Design Process: An electrical design goes through several important stages of development. First, the designer must understand the scope of the project. Then, the designer defines and designs each component (such as general office areas, specialized machinery, and power distribution equipment) to recognized industry standards. Finally, these individual components are compiled to form the final presentation for the design.

This Course Covers

  1. Introduction to building services

  2. Electrical design steps

  3. Requirement to perform electrical design

  4. Basics of electrical engineering

  5. Types of electrical loads

  6. Types of electricity

  7. Power system

  8. Basic formulae

  9. Example problems

  10. Thumb rule

  11. Abbreviation part 1

  12. Lex level

  13. Appliances load

Who this course is for:

  • Architects, Electrical, Mechanical & Civil Engineers