Electric and Hydrogen Cars with sustainable Energy

Electric and Hydrogen Cars with sustainable Energy


  • Basic knowledge of physics and chemistry is preferred but not essential

  • Excel or Spreadsheet calculation tool is recommended


’We did not inherit this World from our Fathers but just borrowed it from our Children’…

This course is aimed to perform a deep dive into the future that is happening today!

We will know that there are two poles of development:

  • Electric cars with Tesla in US and other players catching up in Europe and Asia,
  • Hydrogen cars that seems to be an advanced option of Electrical Car that can produce electricity on board…

To fuel this up we would need energy. For that we shall look what will be the energy of the future by looking into project ITER:

  • Basics and history of development
  • Massive construction site to start experiment in 2025
  • What are the advantages and challenges of this project
  • Alternative projects to reach the same goal quicker and on smaller scale, are they real or just utopia?
  • Is it something to watch out as there might be a business opportunity in this field?

Why take this course?

Take this course because it will help to discover:

  • How the world is split into 2 poles in regards of Electric and Hydrogen Cars and why
  • Beauty and Limitations of Electrical Cars
  • Decision tree to get Electric Car
  • How long will that take to recharge the battery?
  • What was the purpose of building Hybrid cars?
  • Why we should not discard Hydrogen?
  • How does Hydrogen Car work?
  • Hydrogen production process
  • ITER project: the future of energy

This course is specifically for those who:

  • … are curious for technology but lacking comprehensive view
  • … are caring for the environment and sustainable development
  • … prefer to ask ‘why’ things are build in such way
  • … look for business opportunities in emerging sectors

Easy but interesting learning:

  • Practice your math skills in ‘Data Science’ assignment. We will create a simple Excel based App allowing to predict time to recharge any electrical car using different charging stations!
  • Get simple tips to get more benefits from your Electrical Car!

The course may contain opinions based on publicly available information, visits from fairs or literature, personal experience. Author is not capable to verify and guarantee truthfulness of such information. Course is not intended to drive purchasing decision. Author is not an affiliate of any car manufacturer or other businesses .

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who think that ‘we are not inherited this nature from our fathers but rather borrowed from our children’…
  • Anyone curious about future of sustainable energy production