[EDUONIX] Complete Beginners Course to Master Microsoft Excel

Simplify your life by learning how to use Microsoft Excel in these Microsoft Excel tutorials for beginners.

Complete Beginners Course to Master Microsoft Excel


About this Course

Beginners Guide to Microsoft excel is designed to get you started with excel even if you are a complete newbie. This version independent course will provide you detail understanding of spreadsheet paradigms and how you can use the power of excel to manipulate different data sets. This course does not assume any knowledge of excel and will start from basic worksheet architecture and will teach you the concepts from the ground up.

As this is a beginners course we have focused more on practical aspects of excel. You will learn the following to help you become fluent in excel in shortest possible time.

Worksheet management

Spreadsheet Basics

Basic Data handling

Basic Math functions and their use in Excel

Formatting and Design of Worksheets


Art and Charts


Text manipulation

Learn all this and much more using our unique problem solving pedagogy and start using excel now…

ENROLL FAST!! :blue_heart: