[Download] Unreal Engine 4 Game Develop: Battle Royale with Blueprint

What You will Learn

  • Create a shooting game.
  • Develop using Unreal Engine 4.
  • Learn to program using blueprints.
  • Learn how to build a quality set of blueprint object frameworks.
  • Learn how to create complex UI’s.
  • No programming experience at all is required to learn this course.
  • Those who already have experience in game development will further enhance their development skills.


  • There is normal logic to the mind.
  • You can run Unreal Engine.


About the Content

This course is a complete set of tutorials for the Battle Royale type of game. The features are so huge that they were not shown in the promo video to show all the features. For example, the bullets fired all have a downward effect and reduce the flight speed based on the distance. All features are made as detailed as possible.

About the Serial

All courses are now completed, and the promo video is the actual result of running the game. Since I want to give you a high-quality video experience, I’m using continuous updates for the lessons (I’m actually hoping to meet you all sooner rather than later). Each video is carefully edited to eliminate errors, forgetfulness, and other time-wasting content. From time to time, every week, I will go live with new course videos.

IMPORTANT: If you only want to watch one full course, you can wait until all of my video updates are complete and purchase it.

About Blueprint

All content in this set of courses is implemented using blueprints. You’ll see a set of blueprint projects with a clear structure and clean nodes, and it’s time to really understand the greatness of blueprints.

If you develop in C++ at work, this won’t stop you from watching my course in the slightest. Because every function in a blueprint can be found in C++, and learning blueprints can still help you with your C++ development.

Write at the end

I did all the work on this course by myself, including blueprint development, lecture writing, video recording, audio recording, captioning, video editing, and even the Green-Screen technology at the beginning of the promo. Every detail was tweaked over and over again to give you as perfect an experience as possible. It’s tough to produce a go-to course. I know there are still many things I didn’t get right, like my English accent, and I hope you can understand more. Of course, you can contact me if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I see them.


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