[Download] Applied Gate CS Full Course

Applied Gate CS Full Course free download

  1. Aptitude → Download : Here
  2. C Programming → Download : Here
  3. DS&Algo → Download : Here
  4. DBMS → Download : Here
  5. Discrete Maths → Download : Here
  6. COA → Download : Here
  7. Operating System → Download : Here
  8. TOC → Download : Here
  9. CN → Download : Here
  10. Compiler Design → Download : Here

If Above download links are not working, follow below instructions:

  • Join this google group → Here
  • After joining go to Drive > Shared Drives > Applied Gate
  • You can find applied gate courses

Try this new drive: CS - Google Drive

links are not working, can u share the course.

I’m getting an error message. The links are not working.
Can you please share again ?

can you please share digital logic design (DL) subject also of GATE APPLIED

@karnati, Can you please re-upload the course somewhere or the other cause the google might have removed your course so we are unable to download it.

Can you kindly re-upload it to Mega or mediafire or something.

Better websites for this sorta stuff.


can you please share the drive link rest of lectures of all topics of applied gate course please

bro link is not working can please update the link of gate applied course it will be really helpfull please please requests you to do as soon as possible