Digital Entrepreneurship & Startups

Digital Entrepreneurship & Startups


  • No requirement. Only desire to learn on Startup

  • Familiarity with basic business concepts is useful, but not necessary


Reasons why you should create a financial model for your startup or small business. A good financial model can help you:

  1. Test your assumptions and verify key drivers of your business
  2. Compare and contrast different business choices, like pricing models
  3. Calculate the ACTUAL amount of capital you need to startup
  4. Calculate your burn rate
  5. Model out your user growth
  6. Model out your expenses
  7. Be more prepared talking to potential investors
  8. And loads more.

Building a financial model isn’t just a vanity exercise. When done right, it could help you better understand your business, whether it’s a startup or an existing business you’re growing.

But it’s not easy and there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it.

Even if you have little to no finance background, if you’re going to be starting or running a business, this is a skill you need to have.

A good financial model is an indicator of how deeply you understand your business model and market. But building a good one requires the right tools and the right approach.

We’re going to show you how to do that with a wide variety of examples and exercises. But we’ll also be teaching general best practices that will help you, no matter what you’ll be building your financial models for in the future.


Here we will teach you in a unique manner

We teach you from number of instructor ideas and in our academy

We teach you both the digital marketing and entrepreneurship

We teach you the full guide to success in the startup with the 1001 startup ideas

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