Develop ArcGIS Android Mobile GIS and GPS Apps

Develop ArcGIS Android Mobile GIS and GPS Apps


  • No programming experience needed;

  • A computer installed with Android Studio;

  • Internet connection;

  • A real android device for testing is preferred;


“The world we live is full of coordinates and I love it!" - Alfred Lam, the course instructor.

“The essence of creating a beautiful map is balance!" - Alfred Lam, the course instructor.

This is an entry-level course teaching how to display 2D, 3D maps to android applications using the newest ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android version 100.x. Code for this course are simple and easy understanding. My goal of this course is to help students learn both 2D and 3D GIS android app development easily without wasting their time fumbling in the API library.

GIS stands for Geographic Information System. It is composed of hardware, software, people, environment, and data. Therefore, students with different backgrounds can learn and use GIS. One of my purposes of this course is to convey a concept to students that developing a GIS android mobile app for your clients is not difficult. You can spend your minimum time to handle it.

If you are new in this realm, this course is the right place for you to start. There are two versions of the ArcGIS SDK for Android development by ESRI, which is so far the biggest vendor of GIS systems and applications in the world. Here, I am using the newest version 100.x for this course. Some developers may ask why do we bother to use GIS maps as we already have Google map. My answer is that the Google map is great for you to identify your locations. But its data, functionality, and flexibility are far from enough if you want to create a versatile app with various 2D, 3D maps, to tell a story, to add your own map features, or to perform an analysis to your clients with a map. ArcGIS, on the other hand, is the most comprehensive and advanced GIS in the world and it is capable of performing all these tasks for you.

Time is precious for many app developers and programmers. Surely this course is not possible to cover every details and meed all demands if you are an experienced developer. For those GIS users, students, iOS developers, and anyone who are interested in developing more decent mobile or web GIS apps. Please be aware of my course announcements about Android, JavaScript, and iOS in the future. Thank you!

Who this course is for:

  • GIS users
  • Students
  • Developers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Anyone who are interested in developing GIS 2D and 3D android apps