Create Logos and Promo videos without technical knowledge

create Logos and Promo videos without technical knowledge


  • No prerequisite is required, This course is for absolute beginners


In this course you will learn to create,

  1. Logo Images
  2. Intro & Logo promo videos
  3. 3D Animation instructor videos
  4. Slideshow videos
  5. Promo videos
  6. App promo videos
  7. Business promo videos
  8. Slideshow videos

This course is suitable for,

  1. YouTubers who wants to create intro and Logo for their youtube channels
  2. IT professionals to create corporate and business presentation videos
  3. Freelancers to create promo and Logos for their clients
  4. Business owners to create promo video for their business

Who this course is for:

  • Entrepreneur, Freelancer, You tuber and Business persons who is looking to create Logos and promo videos with out technical knowledge