Create an 'Interactive Digital Magazine' for business

Create an ‘Interactive Digital Magazine’ for business


  • Webcam, USB Microphone, High Definition camera, Video editing software such as ‘Camtasia’


This course shares with you the power of your own ‘Interactive Digital Magazine’ for business purposes. We deliver video training, as well as PDF review documents that step you through why and how an interactive digital magazine actually serves as a ‘digital water cooler’ for all of your social media content. This system, as its presented here, is one of the only marketing platforms of its kind in North America. Your magazine can be emailed to almost anyone with a PC, Tablet or Smartphone. Rick uncovers the reasons your website or blog may not be attracting qualified clients, and how you can send them your highly interactive magazine with just a click of a button, or touch on a Smartphone.

Who this course is for:

  • Brick and Mortar shop owners who need an alternative to traditional marketing
  • Any business owner who realizes they must somehow integrate social media in a platform that delivers results