Cisco CCNA Network Fundamentals Chapter 1


  • Students will not need to know anything before attending this course.


This is where is all begins. What is a network is where is all starts. From there we immediately go into the basics that is needed to build your foundation of Networking. This is Part 1 of a series of 4 course that I will be providing for Network Fundamentals.

Here you will learn about the basics of what a Network is, what devices we will be using, and the ability to see Networking in a different manner. We learn about symbols and watch how those symbols allows us to build Networks with drawing. You will learn where a router and a switch fits in the Network. You will also learn about crossover cables and what pins are used to transmit and receive.

It is a lot of fun, let’s get started.

Who this course is for:

  • Those who want to learn Networking Fundemental
  • Those who need to start their Networking Foundation
  • IP Addressing and Subnetting will not be learned in this course
  • This is a Part 1 of a 4 part series