Business Process Outsourcing I

Business Process Outsourcing


Best suited for those organizations which face roller coaster of challenges while outsourcing the work to third-party vendors and also for third-party vendors who get work from such organizations. The course aims at educating the reader on areas like Need for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Drivers of the BPO Phenomenon, Elements to Consider to Outsource a Business Process, Effect of Domestic Politics on BPO, Steps for Measuring Performance of BPO Business, Disadvantages of the BPO Phenomenon, Tips for Efficient BPO Management, etc.

The introduction part describes why and how Magnacom Electronics outsourced the customer service part of business operations. The need for Business Process Outsourcing is very explained throughout the course.The important concept of Factors to Consider for Selecting BPO Partner is clearly explained with the help of a Multiple Choice Question.The real life explains about the challenges and threats that the BPO sector faces.Highly recommended for organizations planning to outsource their operations to others.

Who this course is for:

  • Management Team
  • MBA Students
  • Managers
  • HR Department