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Bug Bounty POc Free Download ; Hello everybody i am Back with a Another Bug Bounty Course & if you don’t know what is Bug Bounty then Read this full Article & Clear yor concept.


So Before download the Bug Bounty POc course let me explain all about bug bounty so what is bug bounty how can I learn to hunt the bugs out there and can earn money from it why do I get to placate s’ when I report the bugs instead why don’t the people out there don’t just fix the bugs instead of reporting the duplicates if the bug was already reported why don’t they fix it and the most important question how reliable is life when you just do bug bounty hunting and nothing else stay tuned a lot of answers are about to come taking first question what is bug bounty okay so when you design an application you just work on on a business logic or how the data model is going to rely how the UI interface is going to rely and a tons of things like that but while working on these things sometimes some bugs or you can say some security issues just are being left out there not intentionally but randomly out there because this is so much huge gigantic application nobody can actually talk about all the security issues so that’s why some bugs are left now what is nowadays scenario a lot of people who call themselves as a bug bounty hunter or penetration tester or security researchers they just try to analyze the website they report them and they sometime also expect that somebody is going to pay for their work now let’s be clear on this subject how you’re going to earn from it then we are going to talk about how we can learn to hunt the bug bounties but first of all let’s start that should I expect money every time when I report the bugs and my answer would be no strictly no you should not be expecting money out there unless you are enrolled in some kind of paid programs out there I’m going to talk about them as well so first of all when you are working as an independent security researcher and you just report some bugs out there don’t expect that the other third party person is going to reply you politely out there why because nobody is Facebook and Google or gigantic website some websites are small and some websites don’t have the bug bounty programs even out there they just will take your reports and are going to fix issue and are going to say thank you and that’s actually what you are doing you are simply allowing somebody that hey this is insecure and you want that to be secured now some people do this bug bounty for a living that’s that’s I would say that it’s a bad thing or it’s a good thing it just okay each thing now why now let’s come back on to the point again now when you report bugs to the Google or Facebook they do have a bug bounty program and based on the severity of your bug they’re going to reward you sometimes allows the t-shirt some time a lousy Pendry or sometime some good amounts like five hundred thousand dollars or maybe even more depends on the severity of the bug okay but not all the websites are going to reply to you in the same manner let’s just say a website has newly-born got some funding and is presenting their topics out there now if you report some bugs out there now it depends totally on them they can take it as a good thing that yes you have gone ahead and reported this bug and we want to avoid you they can give you a lousy t-shirt but sometimes they may they might not have a such kind of penetration testing programs they don’t want you to test their application right now so they can take reverse action on you as well it’s totally dependent on them you have nobody to talk about hey while you’re doing that no you cannot do that okay and yes there are good ways by which you can officially register on the website and they show you that hey this this this domain is for the testing go ahead to whatever you can and just report the bugs out there but don’t share them on the Facebook or make a publicity stunt with them so that’s good thing now you might be saying hey Google is a big website all the domains are out there and we can just hunt for any of them no that’s not the case why I am saying that because I’ve been on the both side of the code he has a bug bounty hunter as a developer as well so I can tell you all the things out there okay so now that it is really clear that not every website is out there to hunt and to report the bugs we are not going to get anything for that so it’s a time-based coming back on to the programs like hacker Earth or bug bounty or the bug crowd comm are some of the website on which you can get resist there will be a list of the websites some of them gives you a reward some of them gives you a money some gives a lousy t-shirt things like that so you can just choose depends on your skill and your past experience that what website you are going to choose and we are going to earn money from that that’s easy but another interesting question is how can I learn to hunt the bugs out there now that’s an interesting question we may make him full movie out there on that but like right now let’s just get on to the basics okay if you want to hunt the bugs.

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