Basics of Branding for Tourism and Hospitality Business

Basics of Branding for Tourism and Hospitality Business


  • This is basic course, hence no prior experience required


Branding often takes the form of a recognizable symbol to which consumers easily identify, such as a logo. Common examples include the Nike “swoosh,” the golden arches of McDonald’s and the apple used by Apple Computers.

Branding is a marketing practice that a company exhibits in creating its name, symbol or logo, and overall design that is readily identifiable as the company itself. It gives your business its characteristics and persona. … Your brand is like the public face and personality of your company.

Here are four steps to building a successful brand.

  • Define how you want to be perceived. When your customers have finished using your product or service, how do you want them to describe their experience? …
  • Organize your business based on this promise. …
  • Communicate your promise. …
  • Be consistent.

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Who this course is for:

  • Hotel Staff
  • Hospitality Operations
  • Independent hotel owners