Automate Your G Suite Administration with Google Sheets

Automate Your G Suite Administration with Google Sheets


  • You should be a G Suite Administrator to use this tool and perform bulk G Suite operations like create, delete, update and explore users, groups, members, aliases etc.


Are you a G Suite Administrator investing so much time in G Suite Admin console to manage your users, groups, members and aliases?

Are you wondering what if there is an automated (but easy to use) way to do all that?

I feel you as I have been there.

I am an active G Suite Administrator and was struggling with this too, all I could find are couple of tools to automate my G Suite Administration but they were either costly or were not easy to use.

Because I make my living helping businesses move to G Suite, I thought there should be a better way, and started writing google apps script to help myself saving time.

As its working great for me, I thought to put all those scripts together and convert them in an easy to use Google Sheet Add on, so my fellow G Suite Admins (like you) can easily administer G Suite right from their Google sheet with just couple of clicks.

So what this tool can do for you right from your Google Sheet?

1. Manage G Suite Users

– Bulk Create G Suite Users

– Bulk Update G Suite Users

– Bulk Suspend G Suite Users

– Bulk Delete G Suite Users

– Export All your G Suite Users with one click

2. Manage G Suite Aliases

– Bulk Create G Suite User Aliases

– Bulk Delete G Suite User Aliases

– Export G Suite User Aliases

3. Manage G Suite Groups

– Bulk Create G Suite Groups

– Bulk Delete G Suite Groups

– Export All G Suite Groups

4. Manage G Suite Group Memberships

– Bulk Add Members to G Suite Groups

– Bulk Remove Members from G Suite Groups

– Export Members of G Suite Group

I am a full time employed, but try to add more features to this add on as I get sometime, so if you have any suggestion, don’t hesitate to suggest