Apache Sqoop for Certifications - CCA and HDPCD


  • Basic linux skills

  • Basic programming skills

  • Cloudera Quickstart VM or Hortonworks Sandbox or valid account for IT Versity Big Data labs or any Hadoop clusters where sqoop and hive are integrated.

  • Minimum memory required based on the environment you are using with 64 bit operating system


As part of this course, we will be

  • Seeing various setup options to explore sqoop
  • Understand how to import data from mysql database to Hadoop HDFS/Hive
  • All the important control arguments while performing import
  • Export data from Hive/HDFS to MySQL

After the course, you can confidently execute scenarios related to sqoop as part of certifications and also make better decisions while building data integration frameworks using Sqoop.

Who this course is for:

  • Any IT aspirant/professional willing to learn Sqoop for certifications or projects