Angular: Compelling Demos

Angular: Compelling Demos


  • Knowledge of Visual Studio

  • Experience with C#

  • Understanding of TypeScript

  • Exposure to Angular 2, 4, 5, or 6


Hello! My name is David Donovan. Welcome to this ProMatrix video series titled, “Angular: Compelling Demos”.

This video series is all about what is possible when integrating Angular with ASP.Net Core. These videos are only meant to be demonstrations. To fully understand the technology, it is necessary to set breakpoints and step into the code.

If you would like to learn the whole subject, about how to integrate Angular with ASP.Net Core, then I suggest you scoot on over to the full blown course titled “Angular and ASP.Net Core Integration”.

I plan to demonstrate:

· Real-time Data Sharing

· Voice Activated Commands

· Sending Text Messages

· Opening Developer Tools Automatically

· Performance Markers

· Getting Version Numbers

· Quicker Deployment

· Demo of a Progressive Web App

· How to Eliminate the Need for a Native Mobile App

You will see these awesome technologies demonstrated in this video series titled “Angular: Compelling Demos”.

Who this course is for:

  • Developers who want to be more productive creating Angular app with Visual Studio