Amazon Web Services (AWS): CloudFormation

Amazon Web Services (AWS): CloudFormation

Gain basic introductory idea on using CloudFormation to automate Cloud infrastructure deployment.


  • A learner knows how to create AWS account and already familiar with at least AWS EC2.


Overall Course Objective:

Gain a fair introductory level understanding on AWS CloudFormation.

Pre-requisite: A learner needs to have good understanding on Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Computer Networks, IP Addressing and AWS EC2. It is also assumed that a learner has an idea on what is Amazon Web Services (AWS), as this course does NOT provide an overview or introduction to AWS. It is also assumed that a learner knows how to create an AWS account and have an active AWS account. A computer with an Internet connection is required.

Learning Outcomes:

  1.  Understand what is AWS CloudFormation.
  2.  Understand CloudFormation stack.
  3.  Learn how to automate tasks using CloudFormation.
  4.  Learn the anatomy of a CloudFormation template.
  5.  Learn how to work with CloudFormation designer.

Course Outline:

  •      Introduction to AWS CloudFormation.
  •      CloudFormation stack.
  •      Create a WordPress blog website using CloudFormation stack.
  •      Anatomy of a CloudFormation template.
  •      CloudFormation Designer.

What a Student will learn?

This is a basic course to understand the concepts AWS CloudFormation in general. This course aims to equip a learner with skills on CloudFormation to such an extent, so that a learner can master on CloudFormation through Self-Directed Learning once they successfully complete this course. This is a basic and beginner level course on CloudFormation.

Who this course is for:

  • Someone who has started learning AWS and wants to gain an introductory level understadning on CloudFormation.