After Effects Essentials for Beginners

After Effects Essentials for Beginners


  • Any version of After Effects, and nothing else. All the stuff we are going to create is going to be in AE.


This course will show you how to create your first motion graphics video in After Effects. This course is great for people who want to learn the essentials of After Effects without wasting countless hours. This course covers things like the general overview of the software, working with keyframes, creating shapes and characters with pen tool, animating with puppet pin tool, and many more. You will also learn what preset to use and how to render the video properly.

The course does not cover all the aspects of After Effects, just the ones you will need if you are just starting to work with motion graphics. Everything comes with time, and first of all you need to learn the basics. Then you can move one to something more complex.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is mainly for absolute beginners. If you are already comfortable using After Effects, you will probably know most of this stuff. But there are some tips and tricks I teach so worth checking it out!