Affiliate Marketing: Sales Funnels and Email Marketing

Affiliate Marketing: Sales Funnels and Email Marketing


  • Access to a Computer with Internet Access

  • No Previous Knowledge needed - I explain everything in step by step details

  • There are free trials to the resources I use in the course available to you inside the course


Hello and Welcome…

To begin Affiliate Marketing, you really only need 3 things. This course covers what those 3 things are and breaks them down to the core. I cover the basics and how to get started quickly and correctly. Follow along with the training and you will creating your own sales funnels in no time.

What’s Included in the Course:

You get 5 already made landing pages for you to choose from to use in this sales funnel. Landing pages that are converting at over 50%. Check out my instagram page for proof.

You also get a 30 day pre-written email sequence that I will show you how to connect to the landing page. That is 30 already written emails that you will be automatically sending to your subscribers.

I will show you how to use FREE and PAID traffic sources to the fullest.

I will also show you how to track your traffic so you utilize your time and money wisely.

I can not make this any easier for you to get started with building an Affiliate Marketing Business if that is truely what you are looking to do.

Big Bonuses:

Prove to me that you are serious with this and connect with me once you have completed the course and I will help you get started with some traffic. I will add you into my Facebook group and into my traffic rotator so you can start to get some traction with your funnels.

I am committed to helping you succeed.

The rest is up to you…

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone Interested in Learning how to build Basic Sales Funnels in order to promote ANYTHING online