Advocate series lectures // the mifi device


  • some level of internet knowledge of connection and connecting to the internet would be useful

  • understanding the difference from wifi and mifi

  • useful to purchase a mifi to use to learn from while taking the course.


this is the first of my free advocate series lectures.

the mifi device

this course has been designed to give you a broader awareness about a mifi device, how it works, how to setup the majority of devices and how to get the most out it even when things go wrong.

i believe that being an advocate requires more than just having the tools for the job from the right brand i believe you need to know what to do when a piece of equipment or piece of software goes wrong and being prepared to adapt.

you will find an extensive overview of the mifi broken down into lots of talking head videos, screencasts and haiku deck presentations. you should be able to quickly absorb this information quickly and feel more confident about your mifi abilities and knowledge by the end of this course.

i do hope you will take this and my other free courses and think about investing in the paid ones later on. if your are intending to become a full time blogger, social media intern or just eyes and ears ‘ontheground’ at an event then this course is a useful primer into the world of the technology behind the scenes you need to becoming a mobile content creating machine.

enjoy the course, please leave feedback and suggest any lecture you might need if you find yourself wanting more information.

phil x

Who this course is for:

  • brand advocate wanting to be location agnostic
  • if you have an interest in mobile hardware and mobile connectivity
  • those wishing to feel confident about understanding how a mifi works and how to fault find issues