A Simple Framework for Designing IoT Products

A Simple Framework for Designing IoT Products


This is the second course in the PTC IoT Series. It focuses on describing a simple framework for designing IoT products. In particular, we will provide you with a basic understanding of how IoT products are designed and describe the associated implications for business strategy and product development. By the end of the course you will use this design process to create a new IoT business concept.

The course in intended to be completed within 3-4 hours. We include academic research, industry case studies, and incorporate eLearning best practices in order to provide you with an engaging and worthwhile learning experience.

If you want to get a basic understanding of how Internet of Things products are created without jumping into detailed R&D this course if for you. This course has been tested with hundreds of people ranging from students to industry executives.

Who this course is for:

  • This IoT course is designed for people who want to learn a simple design strategy for designing IoT products
  • This course is especially pertinent to business decision makers, designers, product developers, information technologists, and other learners in the technology innovation space