A CRYPTO-Trader's Guide to Technical Trading

A CRYPTO-Trader’s Guide to Technical Trading


  • A Beginner’s understanding of Trading in Crypto currency is sufficient.

  • Some Knowledge using price charts will be an added advantage , but not essential.


Welcome to this is a Unique and practical examples filled Course for CryptoTraders as it guides you to the concepts and tools of technical trading with easy to understand explanations .

By the end of this course you shall be able to identify TRENDS in Cryptocurrencies you trade or want to trade , know WHEN to buy or sell and also be able to judge the MOMENTUM of the market.

The course is loaded with real life price chart of various Cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Lite Coin ,Ether etc.

You will thus be able to relate to the concepts and tools more easily .

The HIGHLIGHT of the course is the Real Life CASE STUDIES explained in detail.

Who this course is for:

  • Those who trade or invest OR who want to trade or invest in Crypto currencies
  • Even if you are already an experienced CryptoCurrency trader - the tools and techniques discussed will be quite useful