A beginners guide to Excel


  • This is for absolute beginners that have little or no experience in Excel


I will take you through all the menu items in Excel and show you what they do and how to use them. This course is aimed at getting you familiar with the functionality of Excel in the shortest possible time. You need no prior knowledge of Excel, this is aimed at absolute beginners that would like to learn how to use Excel from scratch.

Course Overview:

•1. Introduction

  •Introduction PPT

  •Overview of Microsoft Excel

  •Overview of the sample data

•2. File Menu

 •How to open and save a workbook

 •How to print a workbook

•3. Home Menu

 •Cut, Copy and Paste

 •Formatting font, colours and alignment

 •Change formats to number, text, date etc

 •What is conditional formatting?

 •Insert and delete rows and columns

 •Intro to formulas •Sorting and filtering data

•4. Insert Menu

 •Tables and Pivot tables

 •Images and illustrations

 •Charts and sparklines

 •Other insert ribbon options

•5. Page Layout Menu


 •Page setup

 •Change formats to number, text, date etc

 •Other page layout ribbon options

•6. Data Menu

 •Data sources

 •Sorting and filtering

 •Data tools

 •Other data ribbon options

•7. Review Menu


 •Comments and notes

 •Other review ribbon options

•8. View Menu

 •Workbook views

 •Freeze and split panes

 •Other view ribbon options

•9. Help Menu, Add ins & where to from here


 •Add ins

 •Course review

 •Where to from here

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone new to Excel who wants to understand how to use the software. This is to get you comfortable using Excel in the shortest possible time