7SPE (7 Serious Pitfalls) Model for entrepreneurs

7SPE (7 Serious Pitfalls) Model for entrepreneurs


  • None whatsoever

  • Folks who are working in start ups or are planning to start a company


This course is a consolidated view based of my experience as a first generation entrepreneur . I guess this will be useful to founders of companies as well as folks working in a start up or considering joining a start up . There are lots of views into what it takes to make an enterprise work . These 7 points thought through and evaluated will surely cut down a large amount of risk of the enterprise not taking off. Scalability is another aspect which I will add to the course as and when my enterprise hits $10 mn + in revenue . So all the very best , do think of whatever you go through in this course and implement based on circumstances + gut instinct .

Who this course is for:

  • All Entrepreneurs
  • Those thinking of starting off as Entrepreneurs