[100% OFF] Microsoft Power BI DAX from Scratch

Microsoft Power BI DAX from Scratch


What you’ll learn

  • A beginner to intermediate guide on how to create DAX formula

  • Understand the concept of calculated column, measures, and tables in DAX

  • How to solve the problem statement using various DAX function


  • Power BI desktop installed

  • A basic understanding of Power BI desktop

  • Know how to create data models


If you are someone dealing with reporting, with the help of DAX functions you can unlock the advanced power of reporting in Power BI. These functions will help you get better data insights.

DAX or Data Analysis Expression is a library of functions and operators, using which you can create formulas and expressions. This will help you with creating powerful formulas to ease your data analysis and reporting process.

This course is designed in a Problem Statement - Solution format where we start with the problem to which a solution is sought with the help of DAX functions where each component of the expression is clearly explained in easy-to-understand terms.

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