1 Hour Programming with Python

1 Hour Programming with Python


  • Must have access to a computer


Are you interested in learning programming but are confused by all the technical language ? That’s exactly how I felt when I started; I couldn’t even understand the first few minutes of any training. Although the barrier of entry seems large, the payoff is worth it; about 8 months after I was introduced to Python I got a job offer for over $140k !

I started to really understand programming once I knew enough to create small projects on my own . The aim of this course is to quickly give you the basic skills of the python language that will allow you to complete small projects on your own, and most importantly; understand the more advanced job-related training that can help land you a ridiculously high paying job.

By the end of the hour you’ll know:

  • What programming is
  • What other popular languages are out
  • Basic commands in Python
  • How to program a password on the back-end
  • How to create a guessing game

If you’re brand new to programming, this is your quick start guide.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone wanting to learn computer programming
  • Someone who wants a quick start guide to python
  • You’re interested in software development as a job or hobby